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Improving your baseball swing with the "Little Brother" to the Batting Pro. Using our Batting Pro Jr. Baseball/Softball Swing Impact Trainer, equipped with our patented adjustable Control Scale and Dual-Click System, athletes can train for specific bat speeds with instant feedback at the point of impact and follow through.


- Batting Pro Length: 28" (inches)

- Swing Speed: 10 - 100 MPH

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Batting Pro Junior - 28 in. Baseball/Softball Swing Impact Trainer

$249.95 Regular Price
$199.95Sale Price
  • All Swing Impact swing trainers are equipped with the patented control scale (Patents: USA No. US8414412B2, KOREA No. 10-1048211, JAPAN No. 5662948, CHINA No. 1700373).


    • Total Length: 28" (inches)
    • Swing Speed: 10 - 100 MPH
    • Dual-click System for Instant Feedback
    • Improve Swing Speed
    • Improve Balance, Timing, and Tempo
    • Improve Optimize Point of Impact for Maximum Power & Accuracy

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