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“I wish I had known about this golf aid much sooner - now catch up time.” - Alan C.

“Fantastic. Couldn't be more satisfied.” - Oliver N.

"Distance improved dramatically!" - P. J.

"Great golf swing training tool. Builds correct swing speed for different clubs." - Bill B.

Pros' Reviews
Shawn Clement.jpg

Shawn Clement

Canadian PGA, #1 Golf Coach on Youtube

By far and away the best design and functionality in a training aid to gather more club head speed in Golf; it teaches you how to use the golf forces of the swing to get that speed and gives you amazing feedback with a very defined "CLICK" sound.  Because it is sleek, it behaves like a golf club; because it is a contained chamber and made of stainless steel, it lasts forever.  Great touch on the shaft to feel the load you would normally feel on a regular length club as well.  This unit has everything going for it and we use it here at the Learning Center for Wisdom in Golf on a daily basis! Worth every penny and more!


Katie Detlefsen

LPGA Tour Pro

I like the clicking and think it's a valuable tool to train with. I think [The Swing Caddy] is a great practice tool to improve timing, sequencing, and to create a 'feel' for golfers to develop more distance.


Brian A. Crowell


Swing Caddy, I love it! The weighting is perfect, it's easy to calibrate and it's the perfect size for indoor practice. The Swing Caddy will quickly help golfers to understand "lag" and achieve greater club head speed through Impact (where it counts!). Training with your product will lead to a more efficient and powerful swing. I look forward to using it with my students in 2017.

Brian A. Crowell, PGA, Director of Golf, Silo Ridge Field Club, President of Met PGA Section TV Broadcaster, Radio Host and Author, Brian Crowell Golf.


Brian Thelan

PGA, Head Golf Professional

I really like the Swing Caddy. I use it in teaching and for my personal use – at least one of my students expressed interest in purchasing one. I especially like the adjustability of the tension to create the right click/release point for all swing speeds. It’s been effective so far, and in time, I may purchase more.


Jeff Carine

PGA Professional, Orange County National Golf Club

I love Swing Caddy and use it every day as training to aid my students."


Mary Mills

9x LPGA Tour Winner, US Open Winner, 2x LPGA Tour Championships

I used the Swing Caddy trainer with two very different types of students: one woman who was a medium handicap golfer; one who was a woman pro here at the Royal Palm Yacht Country Club. Both were helped with the release point feel well past the ball position. The trainer encourages more club head speed for all types of golfers. I even had a young man try the trainer who could hit the ball over 260 yards. He was impressed that the trainer gave him a feedback on not only his speed but release point!


Peter Croker

PGA of Australia Victorian Section, 2007 Teacher of the Year

Swing Caddy and Hole in One are great training tools for swing timing, tempo and rhythm that will definitely increase accurate distance and lower scores!

Claudia Redinger

Professional Golfer, National Women's Golf Association

We have been using the Swing Caddy since we bought it at the PGA Show. I love the product and it is now the only training aid that I use during my practices and it has helped me significantly.


Terry-Jo Myers

3x LPGA Tour Winner, Legends Tour Player

I find the Swing Caddy to be the first beneficial swing aid I have ever tried. I can immediately identify the feeling I am looking for with the Swing Caddy. I use the Swing Caddy in my gym as a training aid for my tour players.


June Staton

PGA/LPGA Professional

I love the training aid “Swing Caddy” to teach with. It surely helps with my slow swingers. Most of all it helps with the back swing for those players who have very little wrist action in their back swing.


John D'Amico

MSPT ATC TPI Certified Golf Fitness Edge

At Golf Fitness Edge we use Swing Caddy at slow speed to initiate and assist our clients back to a proper swing sequence.

Customers' Feedbacks

Keith Spring - Amazon Review

Long story short, I gave up on the SwingRite as I felt my particular product was doing more damage than good to my swing. Bought the Swing Caddy. Came today. Wow, this is a far superior product. In build, in use (magnetic vs spring) and in confidence. Would recommend this to anyone looking to optimize their swing for speed and tempo.

Paul G D'Amico

There are numerous swing trainers on the market. This product is one of, if not the best, swing trainers out there. It is very helpful with achieving the proper rhythm and tempo. It also help with accelerating the club in the correct spot, by use of an audible "click". I highly recommend this product.

Greg Stevens

I have been using the Swing Caddy for a few weeks now and I think it is great. I take it to the range and use it before hitting golf balls.  It has been a great help with my timing.  If during a practice session my timing goes off, I pull the Swing Caddy back out and start using it again.  It really gets my timing back on track.  Terrific product! I showed it to a few pros at our club and they were impressed with it.


Excellent Indoor Practice Club!

Mark Patrick Ivancich - Amazon Review

Swing Caddy will definitely augment the "Easiest Swing" drills I have integrated into my swing training. Had an Orange Whip and a Speed Stik in the past. This appears to have taken the best features of both of those products and consolidated them into one.

Martha McMahon

I loved the “Hole in One” swing trainer and intend to acquire one.  If my remarks on video could have encouraged anyone to try it and get the same great immediate feedback that I did, I was happy to spread the word.  You've got a great product there. Now, I'll look forward to seeing and experimenting with the Swing Caddy.


Great for practicing golf swing indoors. Make sure you start on a slow setting so that you can get the “clicks” after the impact point of the swing. Over time it is an excellent way to increase your swing speed with actual golf clubs.

Steven & Debbie Jecker

Share this training tool “Hole in One” to help support other students, friends & family, personal heart felt authentic endorsements.

Ryan Chung

With Swing Caddy and Hole in One practice, ball flied “far and sure” for me to win the Longest Drive Award in the last Golf Tournament.
Outstanding feel. Seems to groove swing path and particularly release point. Deters “casting”. Swing speed I achieve matches my true speed = accurate. Weight and balance are just right. Easily swingable indoors if ceilings are high.

Thomas J. DeMare

Helps with release, balance and rhythm.
Love this training aid. It clearly shows you how to maximize your swing and how to move to increase your swing speed.

PJ Czech - Amazon Review

I very rarely review anything on Amazon. This thing has helped me (and others who tried it) immensely. When I first got it, I was having issues with making it click at 110MPH. Now, I'm easily achieving it and my distance off the tee is at least +20 yds. Great device - going to order the indoor one for the winter too.

becknation - Amazon Review

HDCP 2.1...playing for 35 years
Just a super product for offseason work. Does nothing but ingrain good habits with zero negatives. Playing only once a week since the end of the season, at best. I cannot believe how this has helped maintain my swing. I’ve tried many things for offseason work living in a colder climate. Most have done more negative than positive. I’d rather be on the range grinding in 90° weather but this has been very beneficial. Highly recommend

Alan C. - Amazon Review

Its as near to a golf swing as you are likely to get and the money you can save on golf lessons. I wish I had known about this golf aid much sooner - now catch up time.

Mr G - Amazon Review

Great learning tool.

Daniel Gaskin

Worked as promoted. Recommended it to my friends.

Oliver N. - Amazon Review

Fantastic. Couldn't be more satisfied

John Hardwick- Amazon Review

OK I don't do reviews normally but this is a great quality product. I have already accidentally struck the tip full force on a concrete floor with sparks flying out, a half dozen times (my fault - the swing trainer has a flexible graphite shaft and its shorter than a club so you swing it "above ground" ). It has a nice "weight" to it and you actually get a workout with this thing. I carry it when I'm walking my dog and play with it like a kid - that's why I am writing this review. You can play tennis with it, it give a satisfying (thwack) at impact and a little swoosh like a golf shaft. You can operate it back and forth like a thresher as you walk, switching hands, feeling the RELEASE POINT FOR EACH SPEED, you can pretend its a whip and "crack it" - TREAT IT LIKE A FUN TOY. AND SOON VOILA - your body and hands become familiar with maintaining lag at all speeds. You simply twist the calibrated top to swing at any speed from 10 to 110 mph. Just be careful not to get "flippy" with your right hand (there is no clubface just a cylinder), you have to come through with a straight-arm left hand underhand backhanded slap. Swinging just left arm gives you this feeling and you start to add the pecs and legs and glutes in automatically. You can easily get used to leading the right hand from underneath and "throwing" the club. Why I love this - I carry it at night walking my dog and it doubles as a very effective weapon should you ever need it, I pity the fool.

MC - Amazon Review

Of all the golf training tools I've acquired, it is by far the most useful and effective. It trained me to correctly focus and unload the power in my swing unto a target point. My drives used to be 220 yards on average. Now, it has gone up to 250-260 yards on average for my driver, and 10-20 yards for my irons, hybrids and woods. A must buy!

HLMn - Amazon Review

Outstanding feel. Seems to groove swing path and particularly release point. Deters “casting”. Swing speed I achieve matches my true speed = accurate. Weight and balance are just right. Easily swingable indoors if ceilings are high. A little tempting to crank up the speed and swing too hard.
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