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The Hole In One Golf Swing Impact Trainer is the "littler brother" to the Swing Caddy. It is slightly shorter (28") than the Swing Caddy (36"), but it is equipped with the same patented adjustable Control Scale with the Dual-Click System for instant feedback. At 28" the Hole In One is perfect for the practicing indoors where space is limited or anywhere outdoors.


- Hole In One Length: 28" (inches)

- Swing Speed: 11 - 110 MPH (same as Swing Caddy)

- For Distances: 25 - 280 YARDS (same as Swing Caddy)

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Hole in One - 28 in. Golf Swing Impact Trainer

$239.95 Regular Price
$209.95Sale Price
  • All Swing Impact swing trainers are equipped with the patented control scale (Patents: USA No. US8414412B2, KOREA No. 10-1048211, JAPAN No. 5662948, CHINA No. 1700373).


    • Total Length: 28" (inches)
    • Swing Speed: 11 - 110 MPH
    • For Distances: 25 - 280 YARDS
    • Dual-click System for Instant Feedback
    • Improve Swing Speed for Desired Distance
    • Improve Balance, Timing, and Tempo
    • Improve Optimize Point of Impact for Maximum Power & Accuracy

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